Common Casino Myths and Why They Don’t Actually Apply

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Whether you’re playing slot games online or sitting at the blackjack table in a brick-and-mortar casino, there's be a tendency to believe that there are other forces at work than just your skill and the house edge. Casino myths have persisted over the years to suggest a whole range of schemes and manipulations beyond big losses (and big wins), some specific to real casinos, others to online gaming. Let’s take a look at four big myths surrounding casino games.

Games are Rigged

One of the most common myths across all types of games and casinos is that slot machines are fixed or the table games are rigged to prevent people from winning. This is borne from the fact that the casino has a house edge on almost all the games it runs, but this is a minute advantage. Gamers can easily find the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of any slot online in reviews or the manufacturer's website. These games run on random number generators, so they cannot be tampered with.

Casinos adhere to legislation that protects players from this sort of activity both online and in real life. Those caught breaking these rules can face a hefty fine, as well as lose customers if they are found not to be playing fair. Besides, they simply do not need to fix games as there are many players that play for the thrill of it, rather than use a strategy.

Gambler’s Fallacy

The flip side of the belief that games are rigged is that a player must be due a win, which has coined the phrase ‘gambler’s fallacy.’ From a player’s perspective, if they are playing a game that has a one in four chance of winning, if they play four games they should win at least one. If they go beyond the four games without a win, then it must be due to them. Players assume that this cold streak of losing must turn at some point, or that their table, dealer or game is cold and move on.

Unfortunately, this is not how odds work. Odds on a casino game or slot machine are independent from what came before. Each time you have a new hand dealt or spin the wheel, the odds are always the same regardless of how long you play.

Bet Big to Win Big

There is a common misconception that you will win more if you bet more. While it is true that the return on a bet will be higher if the original wager was bigger, it’s also true that a strategy of betting big will see you lose more with each result against you.

There are, however, other ways that you can safeguard yourself against huge losses. Smart betting strategies are based on the game you are playing and the house edge that comes with it. There are many books and guides that can explain the variations in each game, allowing you to apply rules as to when to bet big that protect your gaming budget so that it will last longer and see you win.

Card Counting is Illegal

Although this is more relevant to real-life casinos, the advent of live dealer games means that this can now also apply to online gambling as well. While some see card counting as an art and others see it as cheating, the truth is that it relies on the player to keep a mental note of all the cards that have been dealt in a hand of blackjack.

Given the number of cards there are in a deck and that casinos often use multiple decks of cards, this can be an incredibly difficult skill to learn. While it can give players a slight edge of up to 1.5%, it is not technically illegal. However, many casinos frown upon this method, so if you wish to hone your skill, stick to good old-fashioned practice.

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