11 Casino Items to Make Your Home Look Even Better

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Casinos are the best places to experience the rush and excitement of gambling. With so many options for mobile casinos, you can bring that buzz into your home with decor that captures the thrill of Monte Carlo or Las Vegas.

11. "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign

One of the most famous signs in the world is the one that welcomes players to Las Vegas. The diamond-shaped signage is illuminated by a string of lights, with a red sun and blue tower holding it in place. You can bring this into your home by purchasing a print, but why not instead go for a full wall art decal. If you want it to light up your life like it does the strip, then seek out the miniature lamp version of it, which will sit on your desk and remind you of fun times in Sin City.

10. Tables and Chairs

We're a little bit in love with these gaming coffee tables. The seemingly inconspicuous oak furniture hides several games under the top, including Roulette, Poker and Craps. They're not cheap, but they'll turn your den into the classiest place in the neighbourhood.

If your style is less subtle and more vibrant, then check out these giant playing card tables. They look like a precariously balanced house of cards that could topple at any moment, but they're strong enough to hold your cuppa. Stack several of them together to form fantastic-looking shelves for your bits and bobs.

9. Upcycled Furniture

There are some talented artists out there who love to decorate furniture in card suit colours and patterns. These unique pieces not only look snazzy but are a great talking point for the room that they inhabit. You could go for a vintage dresser restyled to look like face cards.

8. Elvis Presley

The man with the blue suede shoes was a regular in Viva Las Vegas. He can also be a regular in your house if you order a cardboard cut-out of the singer. They come in a variety of styles, from his early day clean cut red shirt and black jacket, to his trademark sparkly white jumpsuit.

7. Giant Dice

Fans of Craps who kiss their dice for luck may struggle to get their lips around a giant dice. These squishy ottomans are comfy seats which can double as actual dice if you lose yours.

6. Home Bar

Bring the classy boozing of casinos to your living room with your own home bar. You just need an assortment of drinks to go with it. And what better to go with them than an ice cube tray where the water freezes in the shape of the card suits. It's the perfect place to enjoy drinks with your favorite casino games.

5. Roulette Bike Trims

If you want to show off your love of the spinning roulette table in and out of the house, check out these roulette bike trims. Not only are they bright and colourful, but you can play a game of roulette every time you have to bring your bike to a stop.

4. Bath and Shower

Take to the shower and belt out your best Frank Sinatra with a classy casino shower curtain. To complete your luxury lathering time, why not pick up some of these casino soaps, that come in the shape of a fruit machine and the card suits.

3. Mugs

No matter whether you drink tea or coffee, you can do so from a stylish casino-themed mug. Just remember to pick up these casino-themed coasters so you don’t get ring marks on your table. If you eat, sleep and breathe poker, then this mug is the one for you. You can even get a poker-themed travel mug to take on the go when your gambling on your phone.

2. Glasses and Decanters

Gambling and drinking don’t always mix well, except with this Roulette shot drinking game. Fill the glasses surrounding the wheel and then spin to see who has to take a hit. If shots aren't your thing, this vintage card-themed decanter with six glasses is perfect for a party.

1. Money in the Bank

Desperate to go to Las Vegas and see the sights of the strip? Then you can get a bokkie machine money bank - or even build your own pokie machine - to help save those pennies towards the big trip. It feels a little bit like you're playing a real fruit machine.