For most, a casino promises a glittering night of fun chasing the ultimate prize. It's even better with a drink in your hand while throwing chips on a the table, waiting for cards to be dealt, or watching the roulette ball spin. But what sort of drinks should be matched with your favourite casino games? Read through our handy guide to see what to try the next time you play.

New Zealand has a complex history when it comes to the regulation of gambling and betting, which has impacted the nature of how Kiwis can have a punt on sport and casino games. While on the face of it, they've still got fairly restrictive gambling laws compared to Europe, but betting options in New Zealand are now better than ever!

We might only have five cities with legalised casino venues in New Zealand, but they offer some of the finest table game and poker machine gambling from across the globe, in addition to world class dealers. If you're planning a trip to a casino city such as Queenstown or Auckland, here's how to 'deal with the dealer' to maximise the entertainment and avoid being drawn into games that take all your chips.

On the face of it, roulette is a pretty simple game and you might not think that there's much psychology involved in a hobby where success is based wholly on random chance and the laws of probability. While we can’t impact the outcome of where that tiny little ball lands on the wheel, we can actually maximise our success by avoiding some common psychological pitfalls and emotional responses that are ingrained already!

Browse any of our top pokie sites and you’ll find an all-star cast of movie-themed spinners. From pokies based on the latest Marvel comic hero to adaptations of the Matrix, Monty Python and more, the virtual world is littered with cinematic tributes. We put together a list of the very best pokie films for you!

Every pokie fan has those days when they're short on time, but in the mood to play. Maybe you're waiting for a train and have 15 minutes to kill, or you just want a quick game on your work break. Whatever you're up to, there are several pokie games you can play that let you make hundreds of spins in no time at all, while still maximising your chances of matching winning combinations!

Bigger than Vegas and richer than Monte Carlo; Macau attracts millions of gamblers to its shores every year. With many Las Vegas casino chains establishing themselves here, you'll find hordes of excited gamblers from all over the world are heading for those inviting neon lights along the famed Cortai Strip. So, which casinos should you make a beeline for when you’re in town?

We’ve considered both angles – i.e. building your own physical slot machine that exists in tangible form, as well as creating your own online slot game which can then be re-sold to casinos and betting sites – and the answer on both fronts is yes, yes you can build it. With a bit of hard graft and some minimal investment, it is possible to build your own pokie machine so you never have to stop the spinning fun!

When playing blackjack, if you remain relatively disciplined, calm and somewhat robot-like in your demeanour, securing a long-term profit and consistent bankroll from the popular game – even accounting for bad days here and there – is possible. Even those players looking to enjoy a few hands for fun should follow the 'Dos and Don’ts' listed in this post to ensure their bankroll doesn’t vanish before their very eyes!

Poker is a game that often goes hand in hand with late nights, stiff drinks, camaraderie and rock’n’roll – and there are plenty of famous musicians (and not so famous ones, too) who've shuffled a few decks in their time. The fact you can play a few hands anywhere is ideal for musicians, whether they're killing time on the road, or winding down after a gig. Here are a few names you might recognise who’ve been known to go all-in!