Techniques to Find Your Inner Peace

Techniques to Find Your Inner Peace


Betting can be fun, but if you become a professional gambler, peace of mind can be very important. Not only will it help improve your game, but it’ll allow you to accept the occasions when you lose and shake them off so that you can return for the next round in a positive frame of mind. These are some techniques you might want to try to help align your chi.


Although its origins stem from Asia through religions such as Buddhism and Jainism, modern meditation is less about a spiritual connection and more about finding peace of mind. Meditation is often depicted as someone sitting cross-legged, but there are various postures that can be adopted to suit the individual, including sitting and standing ones. Choose something that’s comfortable for you and your body, so that you can relax your muscles and focus on clearing your mind.

Once a comfortable position has been chosen, the next step is to adjust the mind, clearing it of all thoughts. This can be harder than bending your legs into a Full Lotus position, but the key as with any skill, including gambling, is practice. A helpful technique is not to try and consciously stop your thoughts, but instead, allow them to flow while focusing on your breathing. You can acknowledge whatever your mind throws up when reacting, and eventually it will be at peace.


If meditation doesn’t work for you, you can still use one of the skills that’s part of that process. Acceptance of your own being, and finding a balance with your thoughts and decisions, is a crucial aspect of coming to peace with yourself and moving forwards. This can be done by analysing your life in the same way you would dissect a game of poker. Make a list of all the positive and negative aspects of your personality, work out what you’re proud of, and what can improve upon.

The idea is not to make a list of your bad qualities, but to look at them from a different perspective – one that allows you to accept them and come up with solutions to change them. This can be done by setting yourself a series of goals that you can work towards as part of your journey to accept who you are.

Dealing With The Past

Although there was a time when people bottled up their stress from past events, modern thinking and psychology has shown that it’s important that we resolve past traumas in order to find inner peace. Seeking help from a trained professional can help a series of disorders that are preventing you from achieving a balanced mind. This can include insomnia, mood swings and depression.

If you’d prefer to talk about your issues with a group of peers, why not seek out a support group where you can share your thoughts and feelings in a safe environment? Discussing these problems with other people will not only help you frame the issues causing you to be unbalanced, but they may also be able to offer different points of view that you wouldn’t have considered alone.

Increasing Mindfulness

This may sound similar to meditation, but it actually has the opposite approach. This technique is all about how, where and what you place your focus on. Instead of letting thoughts drift to bad memories in the past or worries about the future, concentrate on the here and now. List the positives in your current life, even if it’s something as simple as a song on the radio.

This'll also work better if you’re more aware of your surroundings. Look around and focus on specific objects, studying them in great detail by asking questions about them – what are they made of? What colour are they? What would it feel like? This will help not only to keep you anchored in the present, but also to strengthen your observational skills, which is not a bad thing to have playing casino games like poker.

Slow Down

It may seem obvious at first, but modern life can get in the way, propelling us on an adrenaline rush due to multiple commitments that can lead to stress. Instead, make sure you take time out to relax. You can also do one of the other techniques while you’re in your slow-down mode, but ensure that you are taking a break from work and life, as overworking in this fast- paced world can lead to more stress further down the road. If you take time to slow down now, your inner peace will be with you for a long time to come.

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