Roulette Statistics 101

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The fame of roulette reached new heights recently when UK poker pro Jake Cody dared to place his £42,000 poker championship winnings on a single 'black' roulette spin at the casino of Rob Yong (owner of Dusk till Dawn, Europe's largest live poker club). His lucky spin was videoed by a crowd of excited spectators and soon went viral across the internet in March 2018, getting millions of hits.

It was yet another roulette statistic to add to the list of numbers that make the game so fascinating. If you want to head to a casino or check out an online roulette game take a look at these quick-fire Roulette 101 stats:

1. House edge statistics in roulette

Despite the immense luck and hidden psychology of roulette used by some players, the casino theoretically has an edge. Although it varies depending on the version of the game selected (e.g. single zero versus double zero), the odds remain fairly consistent across the reels. On a single reel, the chance of an 'even money wager' winning are not truly 50:50 but 48.65%.

Odds of betting on the 37 different outcomes

  • Single number 2.70% (1/37)
  • Two numbers 5.41%
  • Three numbers 8.11%
  • Four numbers 10.81%
  • Six numbers 16.22%
  • Nine numbers 24.32%
  • Twelve numbers 32.43%
  • Eighteen Numbers* 48.65%

(*Black/red, odds/evens, high/low)

2. Odds of winning red or black in a row

In roulette, anything happening on the table always has the same odds, mathematically speaking. For example, just because the ball has landed 'red, red, red, red and red' on consecutive spins, the chance of the next ball being red is still the same: just under 50%. However, strategies such as Martingale systems rely on using logical statistics to try and always win – in this instance, by doubling-up after a losing bet on Red/Black:

  • Red 1.00 lose
  • Red 2.00 lose
  • Red 4.00 lose
  • Red 8.00 WIN

Roulette systems can work for some players, but there's also the risk of hitting some nasty runs when the stats take a walk on the wild side. Take a look at the chances of Red/Black (or Odds/Evens) winning in a row:

  1. 48.6%
  2. 23.7%
  3. 11.5%
  4. 5.6%
  5. 2.73%
  6. 1.33%
  7. 0.65%
  8. 0.31%
  9. 0.15%
  10. 0.074%

Hitting five in a row has odds of 35:1, while ten in a row is 1346:1. A huge difference!

3. Unisex online roulette statistics

Online roulette has given the casino classic a breathe of fresh air, and that includes increasing its popularity with women. It was once considered a 'gentleman's game' but the latest statistics suggest that 46% of online roulette players are female.

4. Online roulette jackpots

Winning big at roulette used to require a massive bankroll and nerves of absolute steel. However, the latest online roulette games such as Playtech's Age of the Gods roulette features progressive jackpot pools, which can payout as much as famous casino slot games. Playtech's progressive roulette has already paid out a record-breaking £600,000 jackpot.

5. Lucky number 17

The number 17 has various associations with luck and fate throughout the world. It related to bad luck and impending death in ancient Rome, while the Tarot card number 17 is the card of the Stars and represents hope and wish manifestation. MIT calls it the "least random number" due to people's tendency to choose it when asked to pick a number at random. But what about the roulette wheel?

Many roulette players have won big using the power of 17. This famously includes the billionaire owner of Newcastle United, Mike Ashley: in 2008 he wagered £480,000 on every inside roulette bet that featured the number 17 inclusive of all splits, corners, streets, six-line bets and straight 17 itself.

He collected £1,300,000 from his spin and a net profit of £820,000. Ashley's luck isn't a message to go and bet on number 17 or play recklessly, but it illustrates some of the exotic betting strategies that can be used within one's own safe budget.

6. Playing for pennies or houses

Online roulette has created the opportunity to play the game from as little as a penny at some online casinos, all the way up to high-roller stakes at the biggest live online casinos. While no one has officially wagered their physical house, one well-known documentary features Ashley Revell, who in 2004 cashed in his house, went to Vegas and placed the whole $135,000 on one spin with a red bet. It hit number 7 red.

With the proceedings he started the online poker site, Poker UTD, in addition to I Gaming Recruitment. It's lucky it won, since he's said to have sold all his clothes too.