5 Habits of Millennial Gamblers

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Millennials, also known as the Generation Y, are persons born during the tail-end of the 20th century (i.e. between 1980 and 2000). There are tons of talk revolving around them, but one thing is obvious about these keyboard heroes; their lifestyle is different from that of the generations before them (baby boomers etc.). The story is no different when it comes to gambling; millennials don’t gamble the way their predecessor did. To this end, let’s now look at five habits that separate this internet generation from their forerunners.

Millennials Are Not High-Risk Takers

Money is a common theme among the Generation Y, and this presents a clear narrative of a generation that is cash-strapped. Let’s face the reality; millennials exist in the era of relative scarcity. As a result, they tend to feel stuck in a stressful financial depression that seems never to end anytime soon; hence, they don’t want to waste a lot of money on things they are not sure will pay them. Many millennials prefer small bets to bigger stakes.

Having said that that millennials are not high-risk takers does not necessarily mean that millennials don’t have a strong spending power. The point here is that they simply don’t want to throw away their often-hard-earned money. However, there are those with a very strong spending power, and they are willing to spend big. Since millennials are a young generation, most of them are out to impress or prove a point. For some, it is an age bracket where they are experiencing financial success for the first time. Hence, some millennials look to blow out money on games to show off.

Selective Gamblers

Having grown on video game platforms, such as Nintendo and PlayStation, millennials generally like playing exciting games, and this is the reason why they prefer games like roulette, video poker, and blackjack to slots. They tend to see slots as a “boring” game as it doesn’t present much of a challenge. Therefore, it makes a perfect sense for casino game developers to incorporate as many exciting features in their casino games as possible. Without creativity, the industry may stagnate!

Online casinos are slowly shifting towards offering more skilled games in the hope of bringing more millennial cash to the floor of the house. Coming up with casino games that cater specifically for the needs of a generation that prefers minimal randomness and video games, the hypothesis of casino game developers is that millennials want to have more control over the outcomes of casino games the generations before them.

Favouring Online Gambling

The advent of the first ever online casino was undoubtedly the biggest casino revolution, and it marked a completely new era in the casino gambling world. Yes, the online casino industry was initially marred with scepticism and naysay, but that did not prevent it from growing into a significant web-based sector. As a matter of fact, thousands of online casinos exist today. Millennials generally prefer to play casino games online rather than visit brick-and-mortar casinos.

Considered to be a dynamic industry, online gambling has seen more trends, innovations, and breakthroughs than any other industry in the world. This makes it possible to attract many millennials as this is a demographic that is always on the lookout for new and fascinating things. It shouldn’t go without saying that millennials generally like socialising, and the internet offers this opportunity. Smartphones and other internet-enabled devices provide the main access point for this generation to explore several online gambling options.

Gamble More on Mobile

Speaking of internet-enabled devices, Millennials live in an era where they can do or access whatever they want, whenever they want it. Mobile casinos offer hassle-free entertainment on the go and that’s why mobile gambling has risen to prominence in the age of millennials. Yes, the advent of online gambling was the greatest revolution ever to be witnessed in the gaming industry, but no one can dispute the fact that mobile gambling has injected fresh energy in the industry. Thanks to the existence of smartphones and tablets, millennials can log into any online casino and play on the move irrespective of they are.

Following the advent of HTML5, saying that a mobile casino reached its all-time high would be an understatement. In what looks like adding fire into the mobile gaming, many mobile casinos tend to be tailor-made for millennials, which ticks every box required to draw the attention of this generation to gambling.

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